Our Foundation


Diverse varieties to cater to anyone’s wants and needs for a delicious and nutritious smoothie!


Zakah Life is a health and wellness company motivated to empower health-conscious consumers by way of probiotic grown, premium full-spectrum hemp products.


We source high quality kratom directly from indonesia.

ZL Smoothie and Who We Are!

ZL Smoothie is the first and only smoothie shop built on the foundation of the organic hemp plant. But we aren’t just a smoothie shop. We are a brick and mortar education hub teaching our beloved customers about the importance of health and wellness as it pertains to our exclusive hemp products.

When you leave ZL Smoothie, you don’t just leave with a smoothie. You leave with a heaping knowledge on the insurmountable benefits the hemp plant provides the mind, body and soul — as well as an incredible tasting smoothie.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the good word on the benefits of hemp while providing our customers with delicious, excellent-for-you smoothie and coffee drinks made from natural, pure ingredients you can trust.

We are here first to provide honest and truthful education on the hemp plant and the infinite benefits it provides. We are here second to provide our customers with the absolute best tasting smoothie drinks filled with our clean, superfood ingredients made to keep your mind sharp and your body strong.

We understand the importance of healthy living in all facets of life and the sky high potential that comes with living with intention. We believe waking up happy, living your day healthy, and going to sleep pain-free means you’re doing it right.

Get your health on with us. We’re here to support, educate and also have some fun.

ZL Smoothie is brought to you by Zakah Life — an exclusive wellness company who cares about making your health, your happiness, and your wellbeing our number one priority.

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our customers receive premium products that can’t be found anywhere else. 

With us, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for and more — every. single. time.



1101 Moro St, STE 131
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
PHONE: 785-320-5040



Monday-Saturday 7:30-9,
Sunday 10-6